When I was in the tenth grade all I wanted to be was an artist. I started out like most, drawing and sketching still life (so boring), and then moving onto acrylics, oils, and watercolors. I found those… well, even more boring. So then I was drawn into clay and the wheel. I loved it. Later I found the art of melted glass and fusing dichroics into it simply fascinating. That just led me into lost wax casting, mold making, and then silver clay. It wasn’t long though before I discovered screen printing and lino carving and wood block printing. Of course I still had all my wood projects going on plus mastering huge two part epoxy top pours after building custom liquor bars. That’s when I began rolling out sheets of copper and got lost doing custom copper lighting. I’m sixty-two years old now and still haven’t found that one thing that keeps me stationary for very long. It’s passion… The craving of discovering my next new passion.