Long time paper & cloth mache artist here. I started out doing dragons and gargoyles of all shapes and sizes and then moved onto other animals. My first little monster was a dragon I named “Karl”. Karl stands about two feet tall with a 3 ft. wing span. Like all my creations, Karl is brought to life with glue cloth over newspaper paper, sculpty clay for teeth, eyes, nails, and spines. I do many other forms of art but paper mache has always allowed me to take a break and have fun. I have put up a little step by step tutorial in the menu if anyone is interested in getting started. Thanks.


I love making big giant dragon heads and hanging them on my wall like people do with their deer head trophies. When people walk in and see them mounted up there they are always fascinated and will ask, “where in the hell did you get that thing”. . . so of course I have to tell them my dragon hunting story…


I also enjoy doing creatures like gargoyles. This guy is sold and crouches in at about 18″ high with a 24″ wing span. I believe he was a leader of his tribe. Complete with staff, a little ear bling, and a handmade 14kt. gold wire wrapped wrist band.


Oh yes…and lets not forget all the monster fish. Fish are fun and I’m hoping to do a couple big barracuda’s in the near future…


And crazy tall bird creatures…


Then came the cats…and they just never seem to stop coming


And if your going to have cats you just gotta have dogs….


Oh yea…there are even some unicorns, turtles, and rats. There is even a few fat ladies singing. Thanks for stopping in and take a look at the “projects” section for some of my other and ongoing paper and cloth mache adventures. There is also a “tutorial” section if your interested in starting your own. The Stray Artist out….