Leather Bag 22

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Leather Bag 22

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Time to roll out a side of veg tan leather and fill the house with that wonderful smell. This next bag will be a “diesel punk” pattern I bought online. This bag comes in two sizes, and I will be doing the larger one first which measures 20″ across and 10″ high. I will be using 5-6 ounce veg tan and will be dying it hopefully a nice deep rich honey color.

I love the layout of the strapping of this bag which encircles the entire bag and flows into leather handles. Check out dieselpunk.ro website for more leather patterns…. Can’t wait to get started on it. I will post periodic images of the progress as I build it…. The Stray Artist out!

Back again with an update…Pattern …cut out… and dye. So much for the honey color. I used a Pro Tan dye and it is way off from honey… more of a medium brown. Anyway, a couple pictures of the process so far!

Layout of pattern…
Pro Dye… Tan… Yea right…

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