The New Year

Well, 2018 is in the box and I’m ready for a new adventure. The weather here along the Gulf has been thick fog with a heavy dose of even thicker fog. Just completed replacing my rotting deck boards with all new composite material and have a few other Florida winter chores to complete and then I’m veering off art to do something I have been itching to do for quite some time. I’m going to first build five swarm traps to set out in the first of Spring and see if I can’t catch me a couple swarms of bees. The swarm traps are pretty simple, just a wood box baited with my secret potion placed around say 10ft. up in some trees. The other part is, while they are hung and waiting for bees, I will be building a large horizontal hive complete with frames for them to live, breed, and store a ton of honey. Unlike the normal vertical stacked boxes of the Langstroth hive with pre-made wax starter frames that most are use to seeing, the horizontal hive is just one huge box with a hinged lid the size of a coffin with just single slats for bars that allows the bees to build natural combs down from. If all goes well then I am even going to attempt to breed another queen and start a new hive. Anyway, below is a sample of the horizontal hive…

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