Moving along on Mr.Barracuda, I have mounted some teeth,wrapped with glue cloth after building out a bottom jaw ridge line,doing a glass eye on polymer clay, and finally painted some pinkish gums before sealing it all shut…also adding some gill slits behind the one.

Behind the head I have made a top, side, and bottom fin from cereal box cardboard…Frosted Flakes to be exact…Why?  That’s a silly question,,,,,Because they’re greatttttttt! Anyway, back to planet Earth, I also made a couple more fins for the rear tail area… I wrapped folded glue cloth on them for fin texture and allowed to dry before attaching with hot glue.

I will be covering the three fingered tail with large pieces of glue cloth later to create a tail so they wont be seen when finished…That’s the plan anyway…stay tuned…The Stray Artist shall return.



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